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Advanced Postures- Phase 3/ Thai Massage at Jai Dee (Tampa)

  • Jai Dee 5610 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33604 Seminole Heights (map)


18 CEs for LMTs and Acupuncture.

In Thai 3 we will be exploring advanced poses for those students already possessing a firm grasp of the basic material as taught in Thai 1 and 2. During this class we will be both learning and exploring more complex poses and techniques (inversions, back bends, advanced footwork, etc.)  while also taking our awareness to a deeper place within seemingly simple touch.  In this course we will be refining our diagnostic abilities and increasing our external means of co-creating an individual session tailored to the recipients level of flexibility and particular needs. We will also be taking a more proactive approach in cultivating the improvisational movement so necessary to being free within the form. In this class we will again increase our healing vocabulary while learning to be more                                                                                                 present in our moment. class.