Thai Massage 108 Hour Certification at the Movement Sanctuary


Thai Massage 108 Hour Certification at the Movement Sanctuary

from 250.00


Course Tuition:


To become certified in Thai Massage with Ariela, one must take all 6 Phases.

You are welcome to come  make up any classes missed at the Movement Sanctuary in gainesville at a later date.


There is a discount if paying for the full training-

$1350 for the 108 hour training.

$250 per weekend if you are taking all 6 phases.

$300 if you just commit to one weekend

Ceus for LMTs and APs availaable










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Thank you for your interest in the 108 Hour Thai Massage Certification. This is our first time offering the 6 month program in St. pete. We are delighted! You may attend 1 of the 6 phases just to see if is is your calling. The Fee for one weekend workshop is $300. If you love it and want to do all of the trainings to complete the certification, then the price is reduced to $250 a weekend. The most cost effective way to invest in this training is the preregistrtion. This fee is $1350 for all. If at any time you need to miss a phase, it can be made up in Gainesville, fl. at the Florida School of massage where these classes have been offered for 15 years. 

feel free to contact me with any questions.