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"Reusi Dat Ton" with David Wells

Friday Feb. 24 6:30-8:30 PM
FREE 2 Hour Introductory Presentation Open to the Public
“Introduction to Traditional Thai Yoga” Slide Presentation & 1-hour Sample Class: Self Massage, Joint Mobilization, Basic Exercises for Neck, Shoulders, Back and Hips
Discover the history of Thai Yoga, “Reusi Dat Ton,” the traditional holistic self-care system of Thailand. and its relationship to other Yoga Traditions. For Yoga Students and Teachers, Massage Therapists and anyone wanting to learn about this little known Yoga Tradition from Thailand which is the origin and foundation of Traditional Thai Massage.
(2 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Available)

Saturday Feb. 25 PM 9:00AM- 4:00PM (12:00- 1:00PM Lunch)
“Self-Massage and Joint Mobilization of Traditional Thai Yoga” Workshop
Learn how to reduce joint pain and stiffness and muscle aches and pains naturally. These gentle low-impact techniques will help you to:
• Improve flexibility and range of motion
• Reduce neck, shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain
• Improve circulation
• Increase your energy and vitality
• Reduce stress
• Increase your mobility and pain-free movement during your daily activities
• Save money by learning to give yourself a “full body Thai style massage”
(6 Hours of NCBTMB and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Available)
Cost: $150

Sunday Feb, 26 9:00AM- 4:00PM (12:00- 1:00PM Lunch)
“Basic Exercises and Breathing of Traditional Thai Yoga” Workshop
Learn and practice new techniques including: basic breathing exercises & poses and exercises for the whole body. 
• Great techniques for the Back, Hips, Shoulders and Neck.
• The Traditional use of Meditation Straps. 
• Massage therapists can improve their skills by learning techniques which are the origin and foundation of Thai Massage and feeling the effects of those techniques within themselves.
• Deepen your yoga knowledge and practice by studying this little known yoga tradition from Thailand
(6 Hours of NCBTMB and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Available)
Cost: $150

Lots of practice time and Fully Illustrated Handbooks Included.
Students can attend one, two or all three Parts (Discount for all 3 Parts)
Entire Weekend pricing (Fri, Sat & Sun): Early Bird Before January 1st: $199 After January 1st: $250

Bodhi Sangha Shala- School of Thai Massage and Yoga
7120 NE 19th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32641
(813) 417-6745

David Wells, E-RYT500, YACEP, works in an Integrated Pain Management Clinic helping people to manage and reduce their chronic pain naturally. He served three years in Peace Corps in Thailand and received Thai Massage and Thai Yoga “Reusi Dat Ton” certifications from The Wat Pho School of Traditional Thai Medicine in Bangkok and The Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, under the authorization of the Thai Ministry of Education. He also studied with the Reusi Tevijjo and the late Ajhan Pisit Benjamongkonwaree in Thailand.

“Best Class Ever! This is one of the most fun, interesting and helpful workshops I have ever attended. Thai Yoga is a wonderful foundation to a Thai bodywork practice and adds depth to a yoga practice!” 
–Jennifer Vanderburg, LMT

“The Thai Yoga workshops presented by researcher David Wells are simply wonderful experiences that are experiential, educational and practical. David has researched the history of Reusi Dat Ton, and strives teach its techniques in their original authentic form. His workshops include lecture accompanied by numerous photographs, as well as a lot of physical practices (which are somewhat similar to Indian Yoga asanas as we know them yet fascinatingly unique). Thai Yoga is now a highlight in my daily practice.”
-Gregory Oed, Therapeutic Thai Massage Practitioner

“David Wells is among the most knowledgeable Western practitioners of Reusi Dat Ton (also known as "Thai Yoga"), a therapeutic exercise system from Thailand that emphasizes both physical and mental cultivation. David's experience researching and practicing RDT and his many years as a practitioner and teacher of yogic traditions give him the ideal background to introduce this system to North American students.”
-C. Pierce Salguero, Ph.D. Author of Encyclopedia of Thai Massage and many other books on Thai healing arts

“In my personal experience, the best tool for learning Thai Massage is the practice of Thai Yoga or “Reusi Dat Ton” self-massage and exercises. They are really the most useful practice for a Thai Massage Therapist at any level of practice. Exploring and experiencing the body layers: skin, tissue, sen, bones, wind gates and flow of the winds in our own body through “Reusi Dat Ton” is far more effective then learning Thai Massage through sequences.”
-Danko Lara Radic. Institute of Thai Massage, Belgrade

“David’s’ Reusi Dat Ton workshop felt as if I was being immersed in many centuries of heritage and practice. David's quest to ground the practice in locations, images and teachers of ancient and present southeast Asian settings enabled me to sense the simplicity of Reusi Dat Ton even as I became increasingly aware of its deep healing potential and connection with my own practices of yoga and meditation. The workshop flowed from the colors and textures of the introductory talk, through peaceful breathing exercises and self-massage techniques, movement and opening of joints and then ... what a joy it was to practice the exercises and poses as modeled by the "hermits" in slides taken of temple walls, columns and statues from all over Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.” 
-William Savage, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Earlier Event: February 21
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