Welcome To The Sangha



1. community that supports personal development and purification of the mind

Welcome to our community for Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Folk Medicine. Bodhi Sangha  is the cultivation of community that has evolved over the last 17 years with Ariela Grodner. The intent for this family is to allow growth and support in the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion. The heart of the sangha is to deepen one’s studies of the ancient healing art of Thai Massage. We are located primarily at the Florida School of Massage and various retreat centers.

Are you ready for the journey? Dont worry about the order of events, just dive in at any phase. Somehow it always works out in the end. Ariela offers free returns on any of the 6 phases, so even if it takes you a few rounds to feel confident, it’s a wonderful use of ones time. The classes are more of a retreat then anything else, and you happen to learn life skills that will add so much beauty to life and those around you. Thai Massage is beautiful and Sacred.


We offer multiple programs at our school and may opportunities to practice Thai Massage whether you have a few months, a few weeks, or only one weekend at a time.

Upcoming Events

All of our workshops are open to the public whether you have been practicing Thai and meditation for decades or have never practiced before. Browse our upcoming events and calendar and contact us with any questions. 


All Courses are accredited by the Florida Board of Massage and NCBTMB



We offer a full spectrum of ways to practice and learn including books and DVD's so that you can learn the art of Thai Massage from the comfort of your own home. Check out some of Ariela's compilations of decades of study.