Attending Classes

What should I wear to Class?

Thai Massage is practiced with the client fully clothed. It is best to wear loose, breathable clothing that will not restrict your movement.  



All classes except "Thai on the Table" require a Thai Massage Mat. If it is your first class and you have yet to invest in a mat, please bring what you can. This can be something as simple as a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper, a futon mattress, or a pile of thick blankets. 


WHen is lunch? What should I bring?

Weekend workshops break for lunch at noon for a vegetarian potluck. Please bring a dish to share with your classmates! 


Programs, Pricing, & Enrollment

How do I sign Up For A Course?

Signing up for courses is simple. Go to the calendar page and find the course & date that you want to attend and click "register now." This will take you to a page where you may put down a deposit or pay for a course in full.  


Can I attend Your Weekends or Programs If I am not a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Yes! Thai Massage is for everyone and we firmly believe it is an accessible, people's practice. 


Can I legally Practice Thai Massage If I am not A Licensed Massage Therapist?

Every state has it's own laws on this subject so it's best to check your state regulations. In Florida, it is illegal to practice massage without a license but as a yoga teacher, one may offer thai massage as assists. This is an added service in their classes and repetoir'. Many students begin with Thai Massage and realize that massage school is the next step. 


Are payment plans available?

As far as the 108 hour training, the most cost effective way to take the classes is to pay in advance for all classes. This makes the program $1350. If you are making payments and commit to completing the 6 month program in the allotted time, each class is $250 each bringing the tuition to $1500. If you want to attend a single weekend at a time, the cost is $300 per weekend. Ariela doesn't turn anyone away. Partial work exchange can be arranged and smaller, more frequent payments can also be discussed.

Ariela has many different classes and they can vary in cost. She will not turn anyone away. 


Program Lodging

I am coming in from out of town, WHere Can I stay?

Please let Ariela know if you need help finding a place to stay. Sometimes a local student will host out of town guests.



Gainesville is a fairly large town with many attractions and hotels. There are many local hotels, motels, and inn's, but we suggest one of the area's numerous great Air BNB's. 



How do I sign up for a session with Ariela?

To sign up for a session with Ariela, contact her via phone or email . Due to a busy teaching schedule, there are not regular hours for sessions and massages are conducted at a time that is most convenient to a client and teacher.


What does a thai massage session cost?

Ariela offers Thai Massage on a sliding scale level.  An hour session is $70-$90 and an hour and a half is $110- $130.

You will discuss cost when you set your appointment. Bartering and trading is an option.


What should I wear to a session?

In Thai Massage the client remains fully clothed. Long, comfortable pants and a top that doesn't restrict movement is best. Perhaps also a sweater if you a prone to getting cold.


What if I pay for a class and i can then not attend? Do i get a refund?

We are a small School and can not issue refunds. We do grant credit for future classes. Please let us know when you can not come.

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