In Memory of my teachers

With the wish to help all beings to be free from suffering
I will always go for refuge
To the purity of all phenomena
It's direct perception
And it's manifestation

Enthused by wisdom and compassion
Today in the presence of enlightened awareness
I generate the awakened mind
For the benefit of all beings

For as long as space endures
And sentient beings remain
May I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world


From my precious teachers
And the pristine nature of existence
I take the open path

With myself clear
As a vessel for wisdom and compassion
I present my offering

Following teachings of kindness and right livelihood
I remain committed to purity of thought speech and activity

Enjoying the fruits of study and practice
I benefit others
With the giving of shelter sustenance guidance and love


May the supreme jewel Bodhicitta
Arise where it has not arisen
And may that which has arisen
Never diminish but increase more and more

Due to all these merits may all the father and mother sentient beings have all happiness
And may the lower realms be empty forever
Wherever there are bodhisattvas, may their prayers be accomplished immediately
May I cause all this by myself alone

May people be happy and their years be blessed
May crops grow well and may religion prosper
I pray that all happiness arises for everyone
And that whatever they desire shall come to pass

Written by my teacher Paul Davenport in dedication to my teacher Kam Thye Chow 
✨You are both my ancestors now.