Making Herbal Bundles from Local Plants

We at the Bodhi Sangha School, honor the human culture of medicine making. It is a tradition in all old cultures to use plant medicine to aid us in our work. Florida is the land of abundance when it comes to medicinals. Our yards, gardens and forests are rich in little plant beings that can aid us in our lives.



Making Herbal Bundles out of local plants

Local Medicinal Plants for making Bundles!


*This first group of plants are Edible, Medicinal, and appropriate for Topical use.  I am using the acronym "EMT" to refer to these plants.


Bidens Alba, Tickseed, SpanishNeedles

- Anti Inflammatory

- Anti Microbial

- Stops bleeding

- Good for Internal inflammation,

 such as sinuses, or the bladder

-Ant Rumatic

EMT- Plantain, Plantago Virginica

EMT- Floridabetony, Rattlesnake root, Stachys floridana

EMT- Chickweed, Stellaria meolia

-Good for the gut

EMT- Gotukola florida, lentella erecta

- put leaves in smoothies

- Grows under fruit trees in South India and SE Asia

- Good for connective tissue

EMT- Cleaver, Galium Aparine

The following plants are Medicinal and Topical Only "MT' for short

MT- Sweetgum, Liquidambar, Styraciflua (Styraaflua)

- Used widely in Mexican folk medicine

- Good for wounds that wont heal

- Leaves used for cough remedy

- Chew on bark for teeth

- Resin is anti microbial

MT- Bayberry, Myrica cerifera

MT- Juniper, Red cedar, Junipiterus Virgininia

- Used for malevolent spirits