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Exploring Wind and Earth- An Intuative approach to Thai Massage

  • Aquarian Dreams 414 North Miramar Avenue Indialantic, FL, 32903 United States (map)

 While sitting a silent 10 day course of Vipassana, my mind wandered into the idea of offering a weekend class that would reflect my relationship with the art on a more personal level. (Less sequence and more play) We observe the body moment to moment and make choices by feeling the truth in that instant. The body moves like the wind. Exploring the winds, we can intuit where to bring in Earth. Earth is Stillness. 

Thai Massage is an observation of the elemental body and an attempt to bring balance to the properties witnessed. In this unique class we explore the 4 directions throughout the body while offering simple stretching.  We can then intuit or ask which of the directional movements would be of most benefit. This is the exploration of the Wind element. The Earth element will be explored by finding stillness in the chosen stretch. There are 108 marma points  (acupressure points) on the body according to Ayurveda. When we pick an area to find stillness, we will also visit that specific point to make the stillness even  more potent. This unique approach to thai massage encourages ones unique creativity and intuition.

it is my hope that by taking this course the student will feel more empowered to just be creative and trusting in the natural process that unfolds with Thai Massage.