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Hatha Yoga and Thai Massage as Assists at Aquarian Dreams

18 CEs for LMTs and Yoga Alliance

In this weekend workshop, we will break down the classic Hatha Yoga sequence as taught to Ariela by the Sivananda School of Yoga in South India, and we will add her many years of experience as a Thai Massage teacher to help deepen the postures. Every asana will be demonstrated for the practitioner to feel the essence of the posture and then we will use Thai Massage techniques to shoot off the energy lines and help develop a deeper awareness through assisted stretching.

We will practice a full Sivananda sequence for different constitutions.

* Each asana will be broken down and explained as to the therapeutic benefit.

* A Thai Massage assist will be shown for each posture.

*Awareness and practical use of Pranayama will be shared in each posture and as an assist in deepening.