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Winter Long Course- 10 Days of Protocols, Herbs, Thai Massage and Love!

*Cost $700 for the 10 day training
( NONREFUNDABLE- Credit can be applied)
We are a limited space facilty. All classes are small and sweet. If you commit, please understand we will all be supporting and learning together with delicate awareness and generosity as a foundation.

**** If you are coming from far away, the shala can host guests.
please understand that we will live as a family and help with all needs like cleaning and cooking. The Shala will have local farmers donating many organic veggies, but the rest of the food needs will be taken care of by all of us.

This is our annual winter long course featuring Arielas' latest book "Thai Herbal Folk medicine",. We will learn to give special treatmets using herbal bundles, cupping,, moxa, wedges, oils,and anything we can find in the kitchen or garden that will aid in balancing the bodys' winds. Application of ayurveda and marma point will be the foundation of every protocol.

*Day 1- make a bundle and give a full 1 hour spa style session.

*Day 2- Learn to treat a headache of varius degrees.

*Day 3- Stomach day! We will treat varius forms of belly ache< use moxa and Compress

*Day 4 FREE DAY.

Day 5- Shoulder pain and accute to chronic treatmemt with use of oils and cupping.

*Day 6- Sciatica and hip pain day- Accute to chronic treatment with various uses of HOT / Cold ,

*Day 7- Free day cupping and oils..

*Day 8 - Knee Pain - We will learn to treat Knee pain

*Day 9 - Pregancy protocol - Can als  be used for elderly massage.

*Day 10- Graduation Party in the morning