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Ayurveda and thai Massage - phase 4 /FSM

  • Florida School of massage Gainesville Florida (map)

18 CEs for LMTs and Acupuncture.

It is generally accepted in learned circles that the earth itself possesses energy lines. Likewise the human body is also comprised of pathways for various kinds of energy and information. Different disciplines and cultural traditions portray their location and means of access in alternate modalities and varying descriptions. The system we will be exploring during this class is a descendant of a synthesis of India’s Ayurvedic medical healing art and China’s meridian methodology. In Thai Massage we cultivate an awareness of the “sen” lines and practice various techniques with the intent of bringing them into balance with each other. When the energy lines are brought into balance, harmony, health and equilibrium are the result. Knowledge of the Thai energy line system was nearly                                                                                           lost to us.

Two of the greatest practitioners of our time (Asokananda, Kam Thye Chow) pieced together fragments found in various Buddhist temples around the world, and together have co-created a modern interpretation of this ancient knowledge. At this stage in the deepening of our skills and awareness of the present we will honor the continuation of the Thai Massage lineage through extending our conscious knowledge and encompassing a more subtle comprehension of the bodies energy pathways.